‘We Are So Happy To Know Something’ in Brooklyn

On Monday, July 11th at Unnameable Books, the editors of the hand-made journal We Are So Happy To Know Something gathered together for a reading with a few of the poets they have published to celebrate the release of issues 1 and 2.  The journal is edited by MC Hyland of Minnesota and Stephanie Anderson of Chicago.

Stephanie Anderson read first and read a poem from her newly released book, The Nightyard. Anderson was followed by Farrah Field, who read all new poems including “How to clean a cast-iron skillet,“* and “1973“*. Field was followed by Paige Taggart, who read a selection from a long poem titled “The B Notebook.”  Scattered Rhymes has an interview with Taggart where she reads from another section of this poem.

After the break MC Hyland read a poem from her book, Neveragainland as well as a series of new poems based on 20th century films.  Jared White closed out the evening. His set-list is below:

“Personages, Mountains, Sky, Star and Bird”


“Art for one eye”*

“The Manticore by Robertson Davies”*


Photos from the reading can be viewed here.

* denotes video

video and photos by Hitomi Yoshio


-steven karl