“Weak Signal” by Louie Glaser


Birds and artifacts are the stuff of omen, which means they either have to do with a warning or, nowadays, it being really cloudy. “Weak Signal” is a daydream about both. As detached from reality as we sometimes and maybe often are, we never quite resolve our entanglement with it. Stock dramas meander forebodingly over our days, audibly but just out of our reach. Discord is a kind of complicity, passivity a kind of cunning engagement, daily life a series of chance events that somehow passes the Turing Test. Because reality’s dramatis personae lists more than causes, effects, and you.

The singer drifts grinningly through these conundra whose real darknesses are more than a spliff and an out-of-tune wind chime away. What sway do outside forces like traffic and lovers hold over us? What sway do we hold over them, at some ridiculous distance, living as we do in our listless myths? I think I know and I think we can be fine with it. Reality is not a weak signal. I am. You are.

-Peter Milne Greiner

pmgpicPeter Milne Greiner is the author of the chapbook Executive Producer Chris Carter (The Operating System 2014). His poems, science fiction, and other writings have appeared in Fence, OMNI Reboot, H_NGM_N, InDigest, NightBlock, Diner Journal and elsewhere.

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