“What Sarah Said” by Death Cab for Cutie


So who’s gonna watch you die?

Teeth and fingerprints
are the first things we use to identify a body.
Not the first girl you French kissed in the pleathery
backseat of her best friend’s black beat up jeep
at her host family’s fancy manicured driveway,
on a not so fireplace November midnight.

“But I’m thinking of what Sarah said:
That love is watching someone die.
So who’s gonna watch you…”

fade as our body’s decay to the satire of inevitability?

This song is dirt on our graves, melancholy as the last
leaf to fall in Fall. Its descriptive vulnerability supplies us
with the spoon to drudge away the soil of letting go.
His voice is ice cream on the hot sauce of a saddening
subject. The words nectar the idea of how fragile our time
on this green marble of miracles.

So who’s gonna watch you live?

-Rico Frederick

RICO-BIO PIC2Rico Frederick is a writer/graphic designer, the author of the book Broken Calypsonian (Penmanship Books, 2014), and the first poet to represent all four New York City poetry venues (Nuyorican, Urbana, LouderArts, and Intangible) at the National Poetry Slam (2010 and 2012 Grand Slam Champion). His poems, artistic work, and films have been featured in the New York Times, Muzzle, No Dear Magazine, The Big Apple Film Festival, and elsewhere. Rico is a Trinidadian transplant, loves gummy bears and lives in East Harlem.

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