“Whitewater” by Kyuss


Really this should be “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. I was told by parents many times (I was only 7ish and I remember) that it was about Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones. What happened with finding the song above was innocent and baffling. I had to Google my first book, Heart Stoner Bingo. You know what happened next. (As a headbanger, I have forgone doing this piece on Metallica since there was a past focus on them on this site.) This should be a warning to not be so vain to Google your book.  Don’t be what Carly says. You might find a genre of music you should’ve known about. There is a semblance of someone who I might’ve been, near the front of this video, a girl with long blonde hair, if I rocked with the stoners long and deep enough, in the desert, in the dark.

-Stephanie Gray

stef pixPoet-filmmaker Stephanie Gray is the author of a poetry collection, Heart Stoner Bingo (Straw Gate Books, 2007), and a chapbook, I Thought You Said It Was Sound/How Does That Sound? (2012) published by Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, which also published her second full length collection with images from her films, Shorthand and Electric Language Stars, in June 2015. A chapbook from Argos Books, A Country Road Going Back in your Direction, was also published in June 2015. Her short super 8 experimental films, often about the city, class, queer or feminist themes, have screened internationally. She had a retrospective at Anthology Film Archives (NYC) in June 2015. Don’t get her started on when Metallica went downhill or why Kyuss never should have stopped. Just don’t.

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